Start to Exit

How to maximize the value in your start-up

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Starting a new business is brave but not particularly difficult. Scaling up a small business so that it sells great products or services, employs more people, raises the neccessary finance, and becomes profitable is tricky. Then positioning the business for an attractive trade sale or stock market listing is even more challenging, as you find yourself keeping so many balls in the air.

For anyone looking to build a business ready for sale or merger, this book gives a clear and comprehensive guide of what actions to take based on my own experience of a multimillion pound exit after 2½ years and from my interactions with hundreds of different businesses during my career.

Step by step, I discuss how you can put in place the policies, strategies, systems, processes and tools to satisfy investors when they are sizing you up and deciding what funds to commit.

This book is all about helping the entrepreneur, founder and small business management team to systemise their business processes efficiently from the outset. The aim is to avoid bureaucracy, facilitate rapid growth, secure investment when it is needed, and make the all-important exit.

“An ideal manual for the ambitious entrepreneur” Luke Johnson, Risk Capital Partners.

“A readable, concise guide to building a scalable, saleable business” Mark Reilly, IP Group Plc.

“Read this book before you start!” Emma Jones, Enterprise Nation.

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